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The PATRIOT Act and other post-September 11 policies dramatically weakened the historic power of the courts to protect our rights and check possible government abuses.

JAS Original Content

Introduction video to Justice at Stake.

This introduction video to the Justice at Stake campaign, and outlines Justice at Stake's mission. The video also contains interviews from North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge James Wynn and Deborah Goldberg, formerly of the Brennan Center.

Unveiling of New Politics Report

Highlighted comments from Justice at Stake's unveiling of the 2002 New Politics for Judicial Elections Report. Among the speakers were Bert Brandenburg, Justice at Stake Executive Director, North Carolina Appeals Court Judge and Justice at Stake Board Member James Wynn, and Senator John McCain.

NC Judges Speak on Public Financing

A video with interviews from North Carolina Court of Appeals like Judges Wanda K. Bryant, James Wynn, and Linda McGee. The judges, and others, discuss public financing in North Carolina, and the mudslinging in past elections.

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