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"A state of war is not a blank check for the President when it comes to the rights of the Nation's citizens."
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor


Supreme Court Justices: 7

Method of Selection: gubernatorial appointment from nominating commission

Method of Retention: reelection

Length of Term: 12 years




  • In 2012, 76 percent of voters rejected Amendment 3, a proposed constitutional amendment to give Missouri's governor a greater hand in picking the nominating commission that screens top judicial candidates. The vote "will send a strong message around the country not to tamper with a system that has helped insulate judges from politics for decades," said Justice at Stake Executive Director Bert Brandenburg.



  •  In  2008, critics of Missouri's merit selection formed an initiative for direct elections. They failed to gather enough valid signatures to put the ballot issue before voters in November 2010.


  • Missouri legislators beat back in 2008 a fierce campaign to tamper with the state's commission nomination system, which dates to 1940 and is the nation's oldest.


  • Also in 2008, voters in Greene County chose to replace elections for local judges with a nonpartisan judicial nominating commission.


  • 71% of polled Missourians were happy with the current judicial selection system according to survey conducted by Justice at Stake in 2007.



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