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Congress periodically engages in waves of "court-stripping," often to punish the courts for particular rulings on hot-button social issues.

Judicial Elections 2010



Nov. 2: Election Results

Three justices are ousted in Iowa, but jurists in Illinois and Colorado fend off single-issue attacks. See our Judicial Elections 2010 Results page, for all the latest numbers. Highlighted elections: Iowa, Illinois, Nevada, Michigan, Ohio, and Colorado. Also, see the latest ads below.


Nov. 3 Release:  TV Spending Explodes; Business/Conservatives Outspend Trial Lawyers/Unions 

Election Day 2010 brought a new round of special interest money, nasty ads and wedge issue politics into America’s courtrooms, breaking several spending records and spreading costly, ideological hardball campaigns into new states. To learn more, see this Nov. 3 news release. To see previous Judicial Election 2010 news releases, click here.


2010 State Supreme Court ads


Alabama Justice Tom Parker compares "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Judge to Al Qaeda (radio ad)

"iCompare" The candidates in the Michigan Supreme Court Race

"Mary Beth Kelly Failed"

Vote "No" on Iowa Judges

Illinois Civil Justice League "Vote No on Kilbride"


Law Enforcement Alliance of America attack ad against Denise Langford Morris in Michigan "Soft on Crime"

Tom Edwards "What Got me Ready" in Alabama

Center for Individual Freedoms Endorses Kelly Wise and Mike Bolin in Alabama

Justice Thomas Kilbride "Demand's Fairness" in Illinois Retention Race

Michigan Democrats attack ad against Justice Robert Young


Second TV Ad from "Iowa For Freedom"

Illinois Civil Justice League Radio Ad against Justice Thomas Kilbride

Michigan GOP "Your Choice Part 2"

Justice Kilbride "Tough on Crime" in Illinois


"Iowa for Freedom" seeks to stop "Judicial Tyranny"


 For more Election 2010 TV ads, click here.


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