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"It appears that justice indeed is for sale."
Hugh Caperton, plaintiff in Caperton v. Massey

Featured Program: Our Courts Colorado

One of the nation’s pioneering civic education programs for adults is “Our Courts Colorado.”

Launched in 2007 by the Colorado Judicial Institute and Colorado Bar Association, “Our Courts Colorado” is distinguished by the active participation of sitting judges. Our Courts Colorado has trained 150 state judges to speak to adult community groups, discussing the role of fair and impartial courts in applying the rule of law.

In 2010, Our Courts Colorado was honored with the prestigious Burnham “Hod” Greeley Award for public education. The ABA award recognizes extraordinary outreach efforts that show the public the need for a fair and impartial judiciary.

Here are resources for learning more about “Our Courts Colorado:”

“Our Courts Colorado:” Course Content
“Our Courts Colorado:” 
Keys to Success
“Our Courts Colorado:”
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