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"Today, the opportunity to access justice in our courts is becoming as much a luxury as a Louis Vuitton bag."
ABA President Stephen Zack

Featured Program: Florida Benchmarks

In Florida, fair and impartial courts have come under fierce attack over controversial decisions in recent years. Public opinion polling, meanwhile, has shown a lack of understanding about the courts: Fewer than five of 10 Floridians, for example, could explain what the “separation of powers” means in our democracy.

In 2010, the Florida Bar Association unveiled one of the nation’s leading civic education programs for adults. The program is “Benchmarks: Raising the Bar on Civics Education.”

A distinguishing feature of “Benchmarks” is its highly interactive format for teaching about topics that range from the Bill of Rights to impartial courts.Teaching tools include flash cards, Bingo games, and case studies that engage audience participation. “Benchmarks” is used by attorneys and judges, and offers five lesson plans and a training video on its web site.

Here are resources for learning more about “Benchmarks”:

Florida Outreach Activities
Florida Benchmarks: To Learn More



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