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"Allowing would-be judges to beg for cash and to make campaign promises about how they will decide cases tarnishes an institution that must be above reproach."
Washington Post editorial

Featured Outreach Programs

Interest in adult civic education is rapidly growing, as courts face mounting challenges that require public support. The Justice Outreach Resource Network has drawn on the expertise of four featured programs:


Our Courts Colorado, launched in 2007, has trained 150 judges to speak to community organizations. It received a prestigious American Bar Association award in 2010. Learn more about Our Courts Colorado.


Florida Benchmarks, unveiled in 2010, has trained judges and lawyers to teach audiences through a highly interactive format, which uses such tools as flashcards, bingo games and case studies. Learn more about Florida Benchmarks.


The Least Understood Branch, created by the American Bar Association in 2006, has held teaching programs around the country on the role of the courts. Learn more about the Least Understood Branch.


The Federal Judges Association is creating educational tools to empower federal judges to speak in both adult and school-age settings. Learn more about the FJA civic education task force.


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