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"These are distinctly frightening times-especially for those of us who believe judicial elections should be different from other elections and that it is important to maintain both the appearance and actuality of impartial justice."
Rick Hasen and Dahlia Lithwick

Judicial Outreach Resource Network

“Better-informed citizens tend to have more confidence in their state courts, are more likely to see judges’ decisions as fair, and more highly value an independent judiciary.”
–National Center for State Courts survey, 2009


 America’s courts face unprecedented challenges, including ongoing campaigns to demean judges, threats to unseat judges for controversial rulings, and sharp cuts in court funding.

More than ever, courts need the public’s support, but polls affirm that many citizens have limited working knowledge of the courts. To fill this gap, judges and lawyers increasingly must serve as public educators.
The purpose of the Judicial Outreach Resource Network is to help judges and other legal leaders establish effective court-education programs—by drawing on existing outreach programs to offer resources, practical experience and mentorship.
The focus of this project is adult, community-based populations, where civic programs are especially scarce, but links also are available to tools for reaching school-age audiences.
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