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"A state of war is not a blank check for the President when it comes to the rights of the Nation's citizens."
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Justice at Stake Brief and the 27 Signing Organizations


“Judicial elections have created a crisis of confidence. National surveys from 2001 and 2004 found that over 70% of Americans believe that campaign contributions have at least some influence on judges’ decisions in the courtroom.”


Justice at Stake (“friend of the Court” brief):



The Justice at Stake brief, authored by the Constitutional Accountability Center, was signed by 27 civic reform groups. They are:

American Judicature Society
Common Cause
Constitutional Accountability Center
Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System
League of Women Voters
National Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Judicial Campaign Conduct
Alabama Appleseed Center for Law & Justice
Colorado Judicial Institute
Democracy North Carolina
Fund for Modern Courts
Illinois Campaign for Political Reform
Justice for All
League of Women Voters of Michigan
League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Education Fund
Massachusetts Appleseed Center for Law & Justice
Michigan Campaign Finance Network
Missourians for Fair and Impartial Courts
NC Center for Voter Education
Ohio Citizen Action
Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts
Texans for Public Justice
Washington Appellate Lawyers Association
Washington Appleseed
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
Chicago Appleseed
Chicago Council of Lawyers


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