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"With business and interest groups pouring more and more money into state judicial elections ... the public can't be faulted for concluding that donors are getting what they pay for, namely favorable treatment from judges who are supposed to be impartial."
Tony Mauro, USA Today opinion column

JAS Hails End to Iowa Impeachment Threat

April 22, 2011



Justice at Stake Hails End to Iowa Impeachment Threat
Ousting Judges ‘Not a Tool for Resolving Political Disagreements’

WASHINGTON, April 22—Justice at Stake hailed today’s announcement that efforts to impeach four Iowa Supreme Court justices were effectively dead. “Impeachments of judges are not a tool for resolving political disagreements. If angry fans could fire the umpire, they’d never get past the third inning,” Executive Director Bert Brandenburg said. “Iowa’s renegade legislators need to check their civics textbooks. Impartial courts are what make this country a model for democracy and business around the world.”
Brandenburg noted that in more than 200 years, no federal or state jurist has been removed from office for decisions made on the bench. Iowa’s justices have faced impeachment threats for a 2009 case in which they voted to permit same-sex marriage.
Brandenburg laid out the case against the Iowa impeachment effort in a Jan. 7 Washington Post commentary, which later appeared in the Des Moines Register. According to the Register, House Speaker Kraig Paulsen said today that he would oppose impeachment, effectively killing the bid.

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