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"In eight years the military commissions ... put three people on trial. ... Meanwhile, the federal courts, our Article III, regular legal court system, has put dozens of terrorists in jail. ... The suggestion that somehow a military commission is the way to go isn't borne out."

Colin Powell, former Secretary of State

JAS Hopeful Filibuster Reform Leads to Fully Staffed Judiciary

November 21, 2013

JAS Hopeful Filibuster Reform Leads to Fully Staffed Judiciary


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WASHINGTON, D.C., November 21 - Justice at Stake Director of Federal Affairs & Diversity Issues Praveen Fernandes released the following statement on the subject of judicial confirmations after filibuster reform:

While we are dismayed that it had to come to this, today’s developments leave the fair-courts movement hopeful that the Senate might move forward to expeditiously schedule and hold up-or-down votes on judicial nominees. 

Today, nearly 10% of the federal judiciary sits empty. Well over half of this country’s population lives in a jurisdiction in which a judicial emergency has been declared, meaning that their courthouses don’t have enough judges to adequately handle their caseload. At its core, this judicial vacancy crisis is a justice crisis. The American people (who depend upon judges for the protection of their rights) and American businesses (which rely on our courts for the structural certainty required for economic growth) deserve nothing less than a judiciary that is fully staffed with qualified judges.  

We hope that the judicial nominations and confirmations impasse has ended and that up-or-down votes will proceed without further delay. We also hope that senators across the political spectrum will pledge to protect the strength and vibrancy of our courts. People across this country deserve nothing less.


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