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Groups Launch Litigation Clearinghouse Aimed at Keeping Courts Fair and Impartial

August 8, 2013

Groups Launch Litigation Clearinghouse Aimed at Keeping Courts Fair and Impartial

A coalition of judicial watchdog groups launched a new website today tracking litigation that could impact the fairness of our nation's court system. The groups, called the Fair Courts Litigation Task Force, include the Brennan Center for Justice, The Campaign Legal Center, the National Center for State Courts, Justice at Stake, and the American Judicature Society.

The website, www.faircourtslitigation.org, serves as a clearinghouse of litigation from across the U.S. that either challenges or supports ethical rules aimed at keeping our judiciary free from partisan politics and outside influences. These include the financing of judicial elections, judicial campaign conduct rules, merit selection of judges, and rules governing the recusal of judges from cases. 

“Fair and impartial courts are the guarantor of equal justice in American democracy,” said Matt Menendez, Counsel in the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program. “Monitoring litigation impacting our judiciary will enable us to determine where reforms are needed and when the independence of our courts is at risk.”

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