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"This independence of the judges is ... requisite to guard the Constitution and the rights of individuals."
Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Paper No. 78.

Judicial Nominations

H. Thomas Wells Jr.When Congress and the President are fighting over politics, we end up with more court vacancies. We have caseloads backing up, and the vital work of the federal courts is not being done. …”

—H. Thomas Wells Jr., former president, American Bar Association


A Plan to Cool Partisan Tempers


White-hot partisan bickering has surrounded too many federal court nominations. This partisanship not only stalls or subverts confirmation of top-notch judges, it also deters strong candidates from ever applying.

One proposal to identify highly qualified judges and promote principled confirmations comes from the American Bar Association. It urges senators to form bipartisan commissions in each state to review and suggest slates of the most professionally qualified candidates.

Tapping input from community and state leaders around the country, before the president makes nominations, can help bridge the partisan divide in Washington and keep courts fair, impartial and free from extreme partisan agendas.To learn more, see Judicial Nominating Advisory Commission Resources.


Resources on Judicial Nominating Advisory Commissions

Judicial Nomination News

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