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"With business and interest groups pouring more and more money into state judicial elections ... the public can't be faulted for concluding that donors are getting what they pay for, namely favorable treatment from judges who are supposed to be impartial."
Tony Mauro, USA Today opinion column

Why Your Donation Matters: Steve Nolder's Story

"Why I Fired Myself," by Steve Nolder

With steep budget cuts to federal courts looming, Steve Nolder, the former director of the Federal Public Defender's Office for the Southern District of Ohio, chose to fire himself instead of laying off his fellow colleagues. With no ability to reduce costs that did not cut staff, Nolder sacrificed his job to save the jobs of three other attorneys. Nolder had over 18  years of federal  public defender experience in the Southern District of Ohio. 

If you were in Steve’s shoes would you have fired yourself to help preserve people's access to justice?

These are the stark predicaments that thousands of public defender’s offices face every day.

Public defender’s offices across the country have been forced to refuse cases, denying thousands of Americans their right to representation and access to justice

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