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"In too many states, judicial elections are becoming political prizefights where partisans and special interests seek to install judges who will answer to them instead of the law and the Constitution."
--Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Volunteer Assistance


Justice at Stake works with volunteers, both in its Washington headquarters and in states around the country. We particularly seek help in two areas:


Pro Bono Legal Assistance

In 2009, Justice at Stake filed amicus briefs in two U.S. Supreme Court cases affecting state courts, and in both cases relied on pro bono legal assistance. To learn more, see JAS & the Supreme Court.  We also have benefited from pro bono help in commenting on proposed changes to state judicial conduct codes.


Volunteer Research Assistance

Justice at Stake publishes reports on issues affecting state and federal courts, as well as judicial diversity. We welcome assistance in information-gathering, writing and editing. To see examples of our research and writing, see Publications.



The positions and policies of Justice at Stake publications and campaign partners are their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of other campaign partners or board members.
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