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"These are distinctly frightening times-especially for those of us who believe judicial elections should be different from other elections and that it is important to maintain both the appearance and actuality of impartial justice."
Rick Hasen and Dahlia Lithwick

JAS Internships

Justice at Stake needs dynamic interns to assist with important projects related to JAS’s core mission. Internships are available for every academic term, including summers. For interested students, Justice at Stake can work with schools to arrange academic credit. 

JAS is a nationwide, nonpartisan partnership of more than 50 judicial, legal and citizen organizations dedicated to keeping our courts fair and impartial. JAS works to:

  • Counter attempts to intimidate and punish judges for controversial decisions;
  • Protect the power of our courts to protect our rights and defend the Constitution and the rule of law;
  • Reduce the power of money and special interests in judicial elections, and give Americans the information they need to protect the courts;
  • Promote diversity on the bench and in our own ranks.

Project Interns will:

  • Research, draft, and revise JAS work product;
  • Assist with outreach to partners, allies, and media contacts;
  • Help plan and organize events promoting JAS initiatives;
  • Provide support for the organization’s online presence and contribute to JAS’s blog, www.gavelgrab.org;
  • Attend and report on events of interest, including Capitol Hill; and
  • Help with occasional administrative tasks.

An ideal candidate might have the following:

  • Reliable, strong self-starter and creative, independent worker and thinker;
  • Academic and/or work background in and knowledge of state and federal judiciary, constitutional issues, politics, and the interplay between branches of government;
  • Experience working on public advocacy or political campaigns;
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills;
  • Campus or other press experience;
  • Strong commitment to JAS’s principles;
  • Willingness to take on a variety of tasks.

Interested candidates should examine the JAS website, www.justiceatstake.org, and send a statement of interest and resume to interns@justiceatstake.org

The positions and policies of Justice at Stake publications and campaign partners are their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of other campaign partners or board members.
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