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"Allowing would-be judges to beg for cash and to make campaign promises about how they will decide cases tarnishes an institution that must be above reproach."
Washington Post editorial

State Judicial Diversity Pilot Program

As an organization dedicated to promoting fair and impartial courts, Justice at Stake believes that diversity on the bench improves the quality of justice and builds faith and confidence in the legitimacy of the courts. From 2005 – 2009, JAS and its partner organizations published research on improving judicial diversity, available here on our website. Now, we are engaged in a five-year state judicial diversity pilot program to implement research recommendations in five states across the country with input, involvement, and leadership from local judges, bar leaders, and the public.

Our primary focus is to build the pipeline of people of color, women, and members of the LGBT community who are potential judges, and to encourage transparency and inclusion in judicial selection. Through the course of the pilot program we’d like to develop best practices, tool kits, tested messages, and strong relationships that will encourage leaders around the country to organize and educate around this important issue.


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