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More than 90% of Americans believe judges should not hear cases involving individuals or groups that contributed to their campaign
Source: USA Today/Gallup
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Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar Briefs

 Justice at Stake, working to protect the integrity of our courts, joined a friend of the court” brief in the U.S. Supreme Court case Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar, #13-1499JAS filed the brief jointly with the Brennan Center for Justice, the Campaign Legal Center, Common Cause, the Center for Media and Democracy, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Demos. 

"Florida has a compelling interest in promoting the appearance and the reality of an impartial judiciary," the brief said. "Florida's Canon 7C(1) imposes a minor restriction on judicial candidates by requiring that a campaign committee, rather than the candidate herself, solicit campaign funds. In so doing, the state protects the public's confidence in the judiciary without infringing on a candidate's ability to either discuss her qualifications or raise necessary campaign funds."

Merit briefs filed in the case: 

   Brief of petitioner Lanell Williams-Yulee

   Brief of respondent The Florida Bar

Amicus briefs in support of petitioner: 

   Brief for American Civil Liberties Union and American Civil Liberties Union of Florida in Support of Petitioner

   Brief for Cameron A. Blau, Esq., in Support of Petitioner

   Brief for the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression in Support of Petitioner

   Brief for Randoplh Wolfson, Marcus Carey, Gregory Wersal, Judges David Certo, John Siefert, Eric Yost, and the James Madison Center for Free Speech in Support of Petitioner

Amicus briefs in support of respondent: 

   Brief for Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Vermont and Washington in Support of Respondent

   Brief for the American Bar Association in Favor of Respondent

   Brief for Conference of Chief Justices in Support of Respondent

   Brief for the Free Speech People and the Hon. James C. Nelson in Support of Respondent

   Brief for Major B. Harding, Harry Lee Anstead, Stephen Grimes, Neal Roth, John M. Hogan, Buddy Schulz, John A. Devault III, Henry M. Coxe III, Richard Levenstein, Neal R. Sonnett, Burton Young, and Edward R. Blumberg           in Favor of Respondent

   Brief for Thomas R. Phillips, Wallace B. Jefferson, Perry O. Hopper, Sr., and Sue Bell Cobb, in Support of Respondent

   Brief for Professors of Law, Economics, and Political Science in Support of Respondent

   Brief for Public Citizen, Inc., and Democracy 21 in favor of Respondent  

   Brief for State and Local Judicial Reform Groups in Support of Respondent

   Brief of Professor Jed Shugerman in Support of Respondent

   Brief of The Carter Center in Support of Respondent


   Brief of Norman Dorsen, Aryeh Neier, Burt Neuborne, and John Shattuck as Past Leaders of the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Respondent

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