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76 % of Americans believe campaign contributions have at least some impact on a judge's courtroom decisions.
Source: Justice at Stake national poll

Justice at Stake's Mission

 Helping Americans Keep Courts Fair and Impartial


Across America, your right to fair and impartial justice is at stake. Special interests are spending millions to influence decisions and elect judges to serve their narrow interest, not the public interest. Lawmakers and interest groups are trying to intimidate judges in retaliation for rulings they don’t like, often with threats of impeachment. And courts are being stripped of their powers to protect our rights.

Our democracy depends on fair, impartial courts that can protect our rights, guarantee equal justice, and make decisions based solely on the facts and the law—without fear of political intimidation. Our democracy also depends on access to justice, with courts safeguarded from harmful budget cuts that can erode not only the rule of law but ultimately, our freedom.






Justice at Stake is the only national organization that focuses exclusively on keeping courts fair and impartial. Justice at Stake leads a nonpartisan national partnership of more than 50 organizations, protecting our justice system through public education, litigation and reform. We defend what Chief Justice Rehnquist called the "crown jewel" of American  democracy.

Since 2000, Justice at Stake has won victories in the U.S. Supreme Court and statehouses across the country. Our communications research has changed how judges and opinion makers defend fair courts. Justice at Stake has earned national attention for impartial-justice issues, including reporting by the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Time, Economist, Bloomberg News, PBS, CNN and ABC. 




In states across America, Justice at Stake partners work to: 

 Reduce Special Interest Pressure

  • Advocacy in Supreme Court and other proceedings
  • Monitoring Special Interest Pressure on the Courts
  • Public Financing of Judicial Elections 
  • Merit-Based Selection of Judges 
  • Better Disclosure of Election Expenditures

Protect Courts and Judges From Partisan Attacks

  • Developing New Messages and Coalitions to Defend Our Courts
  • Rapid Response to Intimidation and Impeachment Threats
  • Educating Political Leaders and Americans on the Unique Role of Our Courts

Inform Americans About Their Rights and Courts

  • Public Education
  • Voter Guides
  • Judicial Performance Evaluation programs
  • Building a Network of Judges to Speak Out

Promote Diversity on the Bench

  • Work With Allies to Educate the Public and Nominating Panels
  • Work With Potential Judges to Broaden the Pool of Interested and Able Candidates

 Strengthen Court Funding

  • Help Courts Make the Case for Adequate Resources
  • Build Pro-Courts Coalitions to Advocate for Funding, Access to Justice 
The positions and policies of Justice at Stake publications and campaign partners are their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of other campaign partners or board members.
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